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In today's hectic everyday life and the large amount of commitments that everyone has, organizing a wedding is not an easy task. A wedding planner is the person who can do everything for you, as well as give you valuable advice and guidance in choosing everything you need for your ideal wedding.

Professional consultation on all matters related to the preparation of the wedding celebration.

Introduction to all the rituals and traditions of a modern Bulgarian wedding.

Development of a scenario and schedule for the wedding day.

Assistance in choosing a theme and colour for the wedding. Assistance with table arrangements and choice of decorations for the hall.

Help in choosing a wedding team.

Assistance in booking a time for a civil marriage in the ceremonial hall, in the restaurant or at a venue of your choice. Information about the necessary documents.

Assistance in booking an appointment for a church marriage. Assistance in choosing a church or monastery, conditions for church marriage. Information about the necessary documents.

Consultation on the choice of a suitable restaurant or location for the celebration and hotel accommodation for the guests.

  • Videography
  • Photo capture
  • Photo booth
  • Decoration of the wedding celebration
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • DJ and presenters
  • Orchestra and folklore programme
  • Guest performers
  • Dawn and pyroeffects
  • Attractions
  • Hair, make-up and manicure

Wedding cake

 Wedding cakes

 Kumovi gifts

The wedding coordinator is the person who is your right hand on the wedding day. He or she communicates on your behalf with each of the chosen wedding team and ensures that the wedding day timetable and script is followed. He assists guests and answers any questions that arise on the wedding day. Professionally and quickly resolves unforeseen situations. The planner's job begins with the start of the wedding and ends with the last ritual in the restaurant.

The cost of wedding organization and coordination is strictly individual and directly related to what commitments you wish to entrust to us, as well as the responsibilities you will assign to us.

Each wedding is unique and strictly individual, which is why we approach each request with care and personal attention. Don't hesitate to contact us to tell us more about your ideas.

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Part of our implemented

Fairy in pink

Wedding decoration in white and soft pink with live flowers. Decoration for outdoor ceremony and photo zone.


Scenery for the ritual on the VIP platform and observation hall of the show "Sound and Light" Veliko Tarnovo.

Blush pink, Gold and Sage green Wedding

Wedding decoration in delicate colours. Decoration with live flowers. Illuminated round tables. Decoration for outdoor ritual.

Decoration in powder and peach

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and peach. Flower decoration. Construction of starry sky and glowing wall.

Scent of white roses with hazelnut cream

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Decoration for an outdoor ceremony.

Decoration in pink, gold and powder

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Shivari chairs, platters and flower arrangements. Decoration for an outside ceremony.

Cappuccino decoration

Wedding decoration in ecru and powder with round tables, shivari chairs and lots of flowers. Decoration for an outside ceremony.