Christmas Party Boryana Group

Decorations with themed design for a company Christmas party.


The Boryana Group are our long-standing clients who trust us for the decoration of their every event. For every occasion we have complete freedom to create and create new and different things. We decorated their Christmas party with lots of balloons. We made a corner for photos in which we included a Christmas tree, snowman and Christmas wreaths, but from car tires. We also added branded helium balloons and several balloon arches. We decorated the guests' tables with tablecloths, tissue paper and ribbon cases and added Christmas style flower arrangements.

More realized by us

Fairy in pink

Wedding decoration in white and soft pink with live flowers. Decoration for outdoor ceremony and photo zone.


Scenery for the ritual on the VIP platform and observation hall of the show "Sound and Light" Veliko Tarnovo.

Blush pink, Gold and Sage green Wedding

Wedding decoration in delicate colours. Decoration with live flowers. Illuminated round tables. Decoration for outdoor ritual.

Decoration in powder and peach

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and peach. Flower decoration. Construction of starry sky and glowing wall.