An American Dream

Wedding decoration in white and burgundy. Decoration for an outside ritual.


Her name is Nadia and she is Bulgarian. His name is Paco and he is American, and we define their wedding as "An American Dream" because we managed to create and realize the big dream of an American to live his Bulgarian wedding in the old capital of Tarnovo.

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Scenery for the ritual on the VIP platform and observation hall of the show "Sound and Light" Veliko Tarnovo.

Blush pink, Gold and Sage green Wedding

Wedding decoration in delicate colours. Decoration with live flowers. Illuminated round tables. Decoration for outdoor ritual.

Decoration in powder and peach

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and peach. Flower decoration. Construction of starry sky and glowing wall.

Scent of white roses with hazelnut cream

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Decoration for an outdoor ceremony.