Love is everywhere

Rustic wedding decoration with burlap stumps and vintage flower jars.


Декорацията за сватбата на Петя и Павлин беше в красивият рустик стил. Една нежна и красива градинска сватба. Комбинирахме зебло, дантела и ретро буркани с цветя. За изнесения ритуал подготвихме градинска арка с интересен дизайн.

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Подаръче бурканче с чай


Кутия за пликове и пари в бяло с дантела


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Scent of white roses with hazelnut cream

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Decoration for an outdoor ceremony.

Decoration in pink, gold and powder

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Shivari chairs, platters and flower arrangements. Decoration for an outside ceremony.

Cappuccino decoration

Wedding decoration in ecru and powder with round tables, shivari chairs and lots of flowers. Decoration for an outside ceremony.


Gradis wedding decoration in white and pink. Decoration for on-site ceremony.

Children's Birthday - Ivaylo at 1

Children's birthday decoration with balloons and teddy bears and the photo poster.

Holy Baptism David

Baptism decoration in blue and silver. The photo with organic arch with balloons and inscription.

We use

We use them to enhance your user experience as well as in our holiday decorations.