Gradis wedding decoration in white and pink. Decoration for on-site ceremony.


Restaurant: Villa Deluxe Arbanassi

For Daffy and Krasi's wedding day we organized a small and very neat garden style event. The wedding colours were white and pink, and the flowers were the main element of the decoration. The garden style of the wedding was complemented by shivari chairs, and the sophistication of the event was added by the crystal coasters and pink glasses we specially provided.

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Scenery for the ritual on the VIP platform and observation hall of the show "Sound and Light" Veliko Tarnovo.

Blush pink, Gold and Sage green Wedding

Wedding decoration in delicate colours. Decoration with live flowers. Illuminated round tables. Decoration for outdoor ritual.

Decoration in powder and peach

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and peach. Flower decoration. Construction of starry sky and glowing wall.

Scent of white roses with hazelnut cream

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Decoration for an outdoor ceremony.

Decoration in pink, gold and powder

Wedding decoration in ecru, powder and gold. Shivari chairs, platters and flower arrangements. Decoration for an outside ceremony.

Cappuccino decoration

Wedding decoration in ecru and powder with round tables, shivari chairs and lots of flowers. Decoration for an outside ceremony.

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